Cut is the characteristic to consider when choosing your diamond. Why? A diamond’s cut is the key to its brilliance and sparkle.

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The Key to Your Diamond’s Beauty

Of all the 4C’s, cut is the characteristic most crucial to a diamond’s beauty. So what is diamond cut? Cut refers to the way a diamond’s facets are arranged, including its symmetry, proportions, and polish. For example, the facets in a round-cut diamond are arranged differently than the facets in an emerald-cut diamond, causing light to reflect differently for each cut. All of these factors come together to determine how much light a diamond will reflect. Simply: cut determines the brilliance and fire of your diamond. It takes expert craftsmanship and know-how to ensure that a diamond’s cut delivers the most exquisite sparkle possible.

Diagram of the way facets reflect light out of a stone.

Ask an Ecksand expert. Which of the 4C’s is most important?

According to Ecksand co-founder Yoan Gehant-Vidoni, ‘cut’ is the most important of the 4C’s as it determines a diamond’s beauty and brilliance. A diamond can have high-grade clarity and colour, but if it’s cut poorly the other 3C's become far less effective. Clarity and colour affect the visual appearance of the stone, but cut contributes to the light reflecting out of the stone from the facets, and so it is responsible for the incredible shine and prestige that diamonds are known for.

Image of a ring being made at Ecksand's in-house atelier.

The Diamond Trifecta: Cut, Polish, and Symmetry

We already know that cut fuels a diamond’s brilliance, but why are polish and symmetry important? These two characteristics interact with your diamond’s cut and are essential to your diamond’s overall beauty. Polish accounts for your diamond’s glass-like finish and symmetry defines how precisely a diamond’s facets align with each other. Together with cut, these aspects affect how much light reflects throughout your diamond. Like cut, polish and symmetry are graded along a scale, with excellent polish and symmetry producing the most brilliant diamond. Each diamond at Ecksand is chosen for having excellent polish and symmetry so that whether it's for a solitaire or a trilogy engagement ring, your diamond has the most beautiful shine. This extends to those we offer through our diamond ring builder as each one, no matter the difference in clarity or colour, has excellent polish and symmetry to ensure that the diamond you choose is of the highest quality. Now that you have learned about cut, why not take a look at the other 4C’s, namely Carat, Colour, and Clarity?

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