Is your diamond “eye-clean”? Diamond clarity has a huge impact on the rarity, beauty, and value of your diamond. With or without a magnifying glass, read on to be equipped in finding the clarity that suits you best!

The diamond-clear vision

From blemishes on the surface to internal inclusions, clarity assesses a diamond’s natural imperfections. When considering clarity, it’s important to remember that mined diamonds are formed organically within the earth, so imperfections are completely natural and extremely common. Moreover, imperfections are, more often than not, undetectable to the naked eye. But just like each one of us, a diamond’s imperfections are what make a diamond unique. That’s why diamond clarity is graded along a spectrum, from flawless (no inclusions) to included.

Diamond clarity scale

Slightly Included Diamonds

Ecksand prides itself on impeccable craftsmanship with our eye-clean diamonds, including the Slightly Included (SI) category. These inclusions, nearly undetectable to the naked eye, can be concealed by prongs once set. Experience the elegance and ethical promise Ecksand delivers with every piece. Slightly Included (SI) diamonds often have inclusions near the diamond's center. These inclusions may potentially affect the diamond's overall brilliance and clarity.

The Beauty of our Slightly Included Diamonds

At Ecksand, our expert gemologists meticulously curate both our Slightly Included and Very Slightly Included diamonds. We strategically select SI grade diamonds with inclusions on one side, ensuring they are almost invisible to the naked eye and can be concealed by ring prongs. This dedication ensures you receive the most exquisite, eye-clean diamond at unparalleled value.

Image of diamond inclusions

Very Slightly Included Diamonds

Like the rest of our diamonds, our expert gemologists carefully curate our selection of Very Slightly Included diamonds so that you get the most exquisite, eye-clean diamond at the best value.

Ecksand VSI Diamonds

Our Very Slightly Included (VSI) diamonds feature inclusions that are invisible to the naked eye. Strategically hand-selected, our diamonds hide their inclusions within their facets. Once your diamond is set, these inclusions can also be strategically hidden by the prongs of your ring. Unlike Ecksand, Standard Very Slightly Included (VSI) diamonds on the market can feature inclusions near the diamond’s center. While these inclusions are hard to spot with the naked eye, they can still affect your diamond’s brilliance.

Front view of Ecksand diamond

Eye-clean diamonds? Ecksand’s only choice

At Ecksand, we only curate eye-clean diamonds to ensure that there are no visible imperfections that can affect your diamond’s brilliance. Now that you have learned about clarity learn about the other 4C’s, Cut, Colour, Carat.

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