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Cluster Engagement Rings

Luxuriate in a constellation of love with Canadian creativity.

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Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring
From $4,425.43 USD
18k White Gold18k Yellow Gold14k Rose GoldPlatinum+ 1 more
Iconic Diamond Engagement Ring with Six Side Diamonds
From $1,517.27 USD
18k White Gold18k Yellow Gold14k Rose GoldPlatinum+ 1 more
Diamond Cluster Ring
$781.00 USD
14k Yellow Gold14k Rose Gold18k Yellow Gold
Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring with Six Side Diamonds
From $1,669.92 USD
18k White Gold18k Yellow Gold14k Rose GoldPlatinum+ 1 more
Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring with Side Diamonds
$1,977.35 USD
14k Yellow Gold14k White Gold14k Rose Gold18k Yellow Gold18k White GoldPlatinum+ 3 more

Cluster Engagement Rings

Ethically sourced diamonds huddle together showcasing quality craftsmanship in a delicate expression of love as a timeless engagement ring. Ecksand’s iconic Cluster Collection, reminiscent of bright stars in the night sky, is a reminder that we are not alone.

Cluster Engagement Rings FAQs

What is a Cluster Ring?

A cluster ring is set with multiple stones "clustered" together to to create the illusion of a bigger stone. With its origin lost in the mists of time, being famously Queen Victoria's go-to ring, the cluster ring developed a diversity of styles, from the floral motifs of the Edwardian era to the more geometric Art Deco designs. At Ecksand, we offer a dazzling variety of iconic cluster rings that display a timeless elegance.

What does a Cluster Ring Represent?

Created with an assortment of stones, the cluster ring is rich in possibilities, and can allude to a wide variety of symbolic meanings. A floral design will represent renewal and thus the eternal blooming of your bond. A more whimsical, geometric ring is the symbol of a deep commitment that transcends conventions. With each stone, a new layer of meaning is added to this iconic style reminiscent of Hollywoodian glamour. Tell your own story with Ecksand's cluster rings, handcrafted with ethically sourced materials to last a lifetime.

Can I have a Cluster Ring as an Engagement Ring?

While the use of cluster rings as engagement rings is a more recent phenomenon, it represents a one-of-a-kind choice if you're looking for a personalized, whimsical and iconic piece. Handcrafted with the quality to pass down for generations, Ecksand cluster rings are a perfect token of love that will make an indelible impression.

How Do I Pair a Cluster Engagement Ring?

Thanks to the unique versatility of the cluster design, your imagination is the only limit of the endless pairing possibilities. You can pair your cluster engagement ring with an Ecksand's V-shaped wedding band or with a plain band that allows the stones to speak for themselves. Our experts recommend pairing these contemporary cluster rings with our shaped band,. handcrafted with 100% recycled precious metals to fit snugly against your engagement ring.