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Two-Stone Engagement Rings

Double the joy with Canadian artistry, honoring your union.

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Wrap Around Two-Stone Round-Cut Diamond Ring
$1,210.55 USD
14k Yellow Gold18k Yellow Gold18k White Gold18k Rose Gold+ 1 more
Diamond and Blue Sapphire Two-Stone Engagement Ring
$3,752.35 USD
14k Yellow Gold14k White Gold14k Rose Gold18k Yellow Gold18k White GoldPlatinum+ 3 more
Two-Stone Pear-Cut Morganite Engagement Ring with Diamond Pavé
$1,934.75 USD
18k White Gold14k Rose Gold18k Yellow GoldPlatinum+ 1 more
Morganite and Diamond Two-Stone Engagement Ring
$43,525.84 USD
18k White Gold14k Rose Gold18k Yellow GoldPlatinum+ 1 more
Two-Stone Pear-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
From $2,492.10 USD
18k White Gold18k Yellow Gold14k Rose GoldPlatinum+ 1 more

Two-Stone Engagement Rings

In an elegant display of expert craftsmanship, two complementary gemstones come together in harmony to symbolize your unbreakable union, creating an engagement ring steeped in history and romance. Declare your love with an Ecksand Two-Stone engagement ring, handcrafted to withstand the test of time.

Two Stone Rings FAQs

What are the 2024 Two-stone engagement ring trends?

For 2024, two-stone engagement ring trends emphasize unique asymmetrical designs, mixed gemstones, and meaningful symbolism. Asymmetrical settings where one stone may be larger than the other like this gorgeous pear-cut diamond ring are popular for a modern and eye-catching look. Mixed stones, combining diamonds with other gemstones like sapphires and morganites add a distinctive touch. Take for example this regal diamond and blue sapphire ring, and this romantic morganite and diamond engagement ring. Additionally, choosing gemstones with personal significance, such as birthstones, is on the rise. Discover all Ecksand engagement rings.

What does a Two-stone engagement ring pair with?

A two-stone engagement ring pairs well with a variety of wedding bands. Plain gold bands like this twisted gold band, diamond pavé bands like this diamond ring with milgrain detailing, or contoured bands as sleek as this curved wedding ring, designed to fit the unique setting of a two-stone ring are all excellent options. Check out Ecksand's selection of wedding rings to find the perfect match.

What gemstones pair with a Two-stone engagement ring?

Two-stone engagement rings can feature a variety of gemstone combinations. While diamonds are a classic choice, pairing them with colored gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds, or morganites can add a vibrant and personalized touch. Check out this bestselling emerald and blue sapphire two-stone ring, and this popular morganite two-stone engagement ring. Browse Ecksand's Gemstone Engagement Rings for beautiful options.

What does a Two-stone engagement ring mean?

A two-stone engagement ring, often referred to as a "Toi et Moi" ring (French for "You and Me"), symbolizes the union of two individuals and the intertwined nature of their lives. Each stone represents one person in the relationship, highlighting their unique connection and partnership. This design adds sentimental value and emphasizes the bond between the couple. Discover most-loved two-stone rings like this delicate wrap-around pear-cut diamond ring, and this diamond two-stone ring with the iconic basket setting. Browse all of Ecksand's engagement rings for stunning options.