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Two-Stone Engagement Rings

Double the joy with Canadian artistry, honoring your union.

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Wrap Around Two-Stone Round-Cut Diamond Ring
14k Yellow Gold18k Yellow Gold18k White Gold18k Rose Gold+ 1 more
Diamond and Blue Sapphire Two-Stone Engagement Ring
14k Yellow Gold14k White Gold14k Rose Gold18k Yellow Gold18k White GoldPlatinum+ 3 more
Two-Stone Pear-Cut Morganite Engagement Ring with Diamond Pavé
18k White Gold14k Rose Gold18k Yellow GoldPlatinum+ 1 more
Morganite and Diamond Two-Stone Engagement Ring
18k White Gold14k Rose Gold18k Yellow GoldPlatinum+ 1 more
Knot-Basket Two-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring
18k White Gold18k Yellow Gold14k Rose GoldPlatinum+ 1 more
Two-Stone Pear-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
From $2,633.00
18k White Gold18k Yellow Gold14k Rose GoldPlatinum+ 1 more

Two-Stone Engagement Rings

In an elegant display of expert craftsmanship, two complementary gemstones come together in harmony to symbolize your unbreakable union, creating an engagement ring steeped in history and romance. Declare your love with an Ecksand Two-Stone engagement ring, handcrafted to withstand the test of time.

Two Stone Rings FAQs

What is a Two-Stone Ring?

French for "you and me", a Toi et Moi ring is defined by its two gemstones set together on one band. This design, rich in history, can feature two types of stones with different cuts, shapes, or even colours. Ecksand's iconic Toi et Moi collection is our rendition of this timeless style combined with our world-renowned sustainable, quality craftsmanship and ethically sourced materials.

What does a Two-Stone Ring Represent?

A sentimental design with a romantic past, two gemstones come together in harmony to create one exquisite ring, reminiscent of two souls becoming one. A Toi et Moi ring is one of the most romantic expressions of love through jewelry, representing partnership, companionship, and even self-love. Ecksand's signature Toi et Moi collection will help you create your own meaning of this momentous style.

What Diamond Shapes Work Best with two-stone Engagement Rings?

The shapes of the centre stones for a Toi et Moi ring is a question of personal preference. At Ecksand, we like to use our expertise to recommend certain shapes that pair exceptionally well in a two-stone ring. For example:

Pear and Asscher: The squared shape of the asscher elegantly contrasts the round and elongated pear shape. Check out this pear and asscher two-stone engagement ring.

Radiant and pear: Similar to an asscher, the radiant shape has cut corners, yet with more brilliance thanks to its many facets. Our favourite style is this radiant and pear two-stone engagement ring

Another most-loved style here at Ecksand pairs two stones of the same shape together, such as this two-stone pear-cut engagement ring.

For the gemstone engagement ring lovers, this emerald and blue sapphire two-stone engagement ring is for you.

Learn more about which stone shape fits you the best with our blog post here.

What wedding band looks best with a two-stone engagement ring?

Thanks to the versatility of the Toi et Moi design, you can style this ring in numerous ways. As an engagement ring, you can add a touch of brilliance with a diamond pavé band or let the gemstones speak for themselves by pairing your Toi et Moi ring with a stout, plain wedding ring. Ecksand's contemporary Toi et Moi diamond and gemstone rings pair exceptionally well with our shaped bands handcrafted with 100% recycled precious metals that wrap perfectly around your engagement ring.

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