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About Ecksand

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The Ecksand maison was formally opened in 2010 with a roadmap of luxury Canadian craftsmanship, style, and ingenuity. It swiftly became a pioneer of high-end sustainable practices amongst Montreal jewelers. Co-founder and creative director Erica Bianchini innovates alongside a passionate team whose ethos is embedded in making the high-end jewelry shopping experience more earth-friendly. We do that by ethically-sourcing quality materials that surpass time and implementing transparent pricing with stronger values.

Ecksand Reinventing Eternal Trends Erica Bianchini
Ecksand Reinventing Eternal Trends Erica Bianchini

Creative Director, Erica Bianchini

Founded on the belief that jewelry companies have a responsibility to ensure ethical practices at every point in their supply chain, Ecksand is a sanctuary where time-honoured techniques are used to transform precious raw materials into everlasting treasures. Erica Bianchini, Co-Founder and Creative Director, makes it a priority to eradicate the discrepancy between price and quality, something that’s plagued the jewelry industry for years, and prioritizes transparency as part of a larger movement towards a more sustainable future.

Noble Materials and Artisanal Manufacturing

Fused together in Ecksand’s green atelier

We make the one thing you never dispose of, even better. Ecksand’s commitment to practicality and sustainability sets us apart. And more still, it’s the power of the statement our jewelry makes. Designed to be worn and cherished for generations, each piece is a feat of intricate craftsmanship created with high-quality materials that don’t come at the cost of the Earth, making Ecksand one of the leading Montreal jewelers in ethical and sustainable jewelry practices.

Sustainability that Stands the Test of Time

No stone left unturned

Going beyond the Kimberley process, each stone is curated by our experts for its natural uniqueness, and carefully checked for authenticity to meet Ecksand’s highest standards of quality.



0% porosity, 100% recycled

On top of being ecologically friendly, all Ecksand’s gold is 100% recycled and has zero porosity, which makes your jewel more durable and ready to shine like new for a lifetime and beyond.

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