We care about the environment, and we know you do too. At Ecksand, we offer recycled diamonds of the highest quality as an eco-conscious option. Since recycled diamonds are reclaimed and not mined or produced, they leave virtually zero environmental and social impact.

Part of a virtuous cycle

Recycled diamonds — also known as reclaimed or estate diamonds — are diamonds that were previously owned and have re-entered the diamond supply chain. Most of the time, recycled diamonds are retrieved from vintage and second-hand jewelry, and usually carry emotional or symbolic value. Once reclaimed, these diamonds are used to create brand-new pieces of jewelry.

Front view of Ecksand recycled diamonds

The Eco-Conscious Choice

We give our Estate recycled diamonds a second life by reclaiming them from vintage jewelry. Because they’re reused and not newly-mined or produced, our recycled diamonds are the perfect choice for an eco-friendly engagement ring.

Diamonds of the highest quality

Since diamonds are the world’s hardest natural substance, they can be used more than once with no signs of wear. Ecksand’s recycled diamonds are offered in the same qualities as our newly-mined diamonds to satisfy the needs of our clients. Each Ecksand recycled diamond is re-polished and re-cut to our strict standards of quality before being set in a new jewel.

Front view of model holding Ecksand recycled diamond

Recycled diamonds for a sustainable future

Reclaimed diamonds are not only eco-friendly, but ethical as well. They are repurposed and not newly mined. Because of this, they leave zero environmental or social impact.

Ecksand’s recycled diamonds

Ecksand Estate diamonds are recycled diamonds. At Ecksand, we offer recycled diamonds as an option for engagement rings. We also offer estate diamonds in the creation of custom pieces to ensure the perfect jewel for you.

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