As timeless as ever, Barbie is getting a fun new revamp with Greta Gerwig’s new movie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. With the film’s star-studded cast as different Barbie characters, our editors here at Ecksand had a bit of fun matching up each Barbie with our very own jewels. Read on to discover our pinkest curation yet!

Margot Robbie’s Barbie

Model wearing pearl jewelry next to an image of Margot Robbie's Barbie.

Our top picks: Ecksand’s Snowball Freshwater Pearl Necklace, and Freshwater Pearl Ring with Diamond Pavé

Why we love it: Margot Robbie’s Barbie is a testament to grace, style, and unapologetic vibrancy. Ecksand's Pearl pieces mirror her timeless charm, and ever-lasting charisma.

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Issa Rae’s Barbie

Model wearing Morganite jewelry next to an image of Issa Rae's Barbie

Our top picks: Ecksand’s Morganite Dangle Earrings with Diamond Pavé, and Morganite Halo Ring

Why we love it: Issa Rae’s Barbie holds presidential power whilst remaining classy, spirited, and eternally stylish. This kind of elegance is masterfully represented by Ecksand’s Morganite jewelry, ensuring that Barbie remains bold, brilliant, and elegantly distinctive.

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Emma Mackey’s Barbie

Model wearing Tresses jewelry next to an image of Emma Mackey's Barbie.

Our top picks: Ecksand’s Small Two-Tone Twisted Hoop Earrings, and Diamond Pavé Knot Ring

Why we love it: As a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Emma Mackey’s Barbie combines academia and brilliant sophistication. An ode to refined class with a hint of contemporary charm, Ecksand’s Tresses collection is the perfect accent to this Barbie’s elegance and intellect.

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Alexandra Shipp’s Barbie

Model wearing pink sapphire jewelry next to an image of Alexandra Shipp's Barbie.

Our top picks: Ecksand’s Pink Sapphire Ring with Diamond Pavé, and Pink Sapphire Crawler Earrings

Why we love it: Alexandra Shipp’s Barbie offers a playful touch to elegance. The creative design of Ecksand’s Pink Sapphire pieces, much like Shipp's Barbie, exude fun and creativity in each brilliant facet.

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Hari Nef’s Barbie

Model wearing Mosaic jewelry next to an image of Hari Nef's Barbie.

Our top picks: Ecksand’s Ruby Dangle Earrings with Accent Diamonds, and Ruby Cocktail Ring with Diamond Pavé

Why we love it: Hari Nef’s version of the character is one who enjoys a splash of sparkle amidst her professional poise. Ecksand’s Mosaic jewelry is a nod to this Barbie’s intriguing blend of work and play.

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Ryan Gosling’s Ken

Model wearing men's jewelry next to an image of Ryan Gosling's Ken.

Our top picks: Ecksand’s Flush Setting Emerald Diamond Bombé Ring, and Asscher Cut Diamond Studs

Why we love it: As an ode to Barbie’s whimsical other half, we thought it only fair to give an honorary mention to Ryan Gosling’s Ken. Ecksand’s Men’s jewelry creates a bold statement of style that is as self-assured and captivating as Ken himself.

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