Delve into a journey through time with Ecksand's Tresses Collection. This collection pays tribute to the sublime beauty of antiquity, emulating the effortless elegance of Solomonic columns that were common during the era of the Byzantine Empire. It masterfully infuses its charm into modern sensibilities, crafting a timeless aesthetic that's simultaneously simple yet captivating. It's a fusion of past, present, and future, handcrafted with intricate details that echo the historical sophistication of bygone eras.

Celebrating Tradition

Our most traditional pieces exemplify our commitment to sustainable luxury without compromising on sophistication. These designs embody the essence of minimalism, encapsulating the vintage style in their simple yet enchanting form. They hold a whisper of history, the gold recycled and reborn through Ecksand’s ethical Canadian craftsmanship.

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Model wearing Tresses necklaces next to three images of other pieces of jewelry from the Tresses Collection

Bringing A Shining Light To The Past

This collection is made all the more profound through its marriage with ethically-sourced diamonds. Each handcrafted piece in this unique selection infuses the intricacy of our classic Tresses designs with the luminous beauty of both natural and lab-grown diamonds. The result is an unforgettable symphony of vintage charm and contemporary sparkle, sure to captivate at every glance. Whether you prefer the striking simplicity of natural, conflict-free diamonds or the brilliant allure of our lab-grown alternatives, this collection offers a touch of brilliance tailored to your taste. Contact our sales team here for more information about the use of lab-grown diamonds in the Tresses Collection.

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Elevating The Past Into The Present

Celebrating the unity of past and present, each piece in the two-tone section of the Tresses Collection merges two complementary gold colors, blending them harmoniously. Our expert artisans seamlessly weave together hues, crafting jewelry that embodies the enduring elegance of bygone eras while keeping a firm foothold in the present's vibrant palette. From the wondrous simplicity of the Twisted Gold Knot Ring or the elegant sophistication of the Two-Tone Diamond Pavé Fan Cuff Ring, these two-tone pieces offer a captivating exploration of color, texture, and timeless style.

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