We’re all trying to do our part to live more eco-conscious, sustainable lives. Whether it’s keeping a zero-waste kitchen or carpooling to work, these little conscious behaviours can have a huge impact on keeping our planet healthy and happy. But what about when it comes to fashion? Can we still keep up with the latest trends while being eco-conscious? The simple answer is yes, thanks to recycled gold jewelry.

What is recycled jewelry?

Recycled jewelry is new jewelry that has been created from existing jewels. Remember that old brooch in your grandmother’s jewelry box? Or that one earring who lost its match years ago. Instead of letting those pieces collect dust, you can repurpose them and make them into modern, sustainable accessories.


Model wearing Ecksand recycled gold jewels


Can gold be used in recycled jewelry?

Absolutely! When purchasing gold jewelry it is important that you make ethical and sustainable choices. Gold can be categorized into four groups: eco-friendly gold, ethical gold, recycled gold, and dirty gold. As the name may suggest, dirty gold should be avoided.

What are the different types of sustainable gold?

Eco-friendly gold is mined without using hazardous chemicals such as mercury and cyanide. Ethical gold mining may use harmful chemicals, however strict labour laws are enforced, ensuring all workers are safe and paid appropriately. At Ecksand, we prefer to use recycled gold. Recycled gold comes from old pieces of jewelry, scraps, and other discarded pieces of gold and turned into new, beautiful pieces. At Ecksand, we use 100% recycled gold on all our products to help reduce dirty gold mining practices.

Everything we do is done with the intention of reducing our environmental impact.

- Erica Bianchini, Co-Founder & Creative Director

Ecksand jeweeler Ecksand recycled gold ring melting

How can I recycle my old jewelry?

If you have old pieces you would like to recycle, you can speak to a member of our team at Ecksand. We love to upcycle old pieces and reimagine them into something modern and new. Whether you’re looking to replace a lost gem, add more bling to a ring or create something totally new, our expert staff can help you create your perfect unique, recycled piece of jewelry.

Front view of Ecksand expert jeweler

Does Ecksand use recycled jewelry?

All Ecksand pieces are made with 100% recycled gold. That means when you buy a piece from us, you can rest assured that no harmful mining practices were used. All of our jewelry is 100% ethically handmade in Canada.

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