The new season of Bridgerton has taken the whole world by storm with its excellent plot, brand-new characters, and exceptional fashion choices. In this season, Edwina Sharma and her sister, Kate, are on a mission to find Edwina a love match. They say inspiration is all around us, and this season has provided us with just that. So, we’ve had a little fun and matched up this season’s gems of Bridgerton with our very own jewels and our Ecksand engagement rings.


Kate Sharma’s wit, independence, and headstrong attitude are what set her aside from the crowd in the second season of Bridgerton. Looking to find a love match for her sister, Kate's confidence and her radar for unworthy viscounts are two of her most evident traits in this season. The vibrant and bold blue sapphire set in this Split Shank Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring with Diamond Halo reflects Kate’s gorgeous, striking countenance and adventurous personality while eliciting a royal and elevated feel that perfectly matches her energy.

Model wearing Ecksand Sapphire Engagement Ring


The Season’s diamond, Edwina Sharma, is revered throughout the season for her endearing nature and grace. Although young and trustful, and with the help of her sister, she knows exactly what she wants: to secure a love match. For that, there’s nothing quite like this Blooming Diamond Halo Engagement Ring to embody Edwina’s character. A halo of diamonds wraps around the ethically-sourced marquise-cut centre in a dazzling display of brilliance, perfectly capturing Edwina's captivating presence and picture-perfect grace. Designed to elongate the finger, marquise diamonds make for unique engagement rings with a timeless appeal that would suit anyone.

Model wearing Ecksand's Blooming Diamond Halo Engagement Ring



Daphne’s elegance, grace, and depth are what made her complex character so lovable in the first season of Bridgerton. Her effortless grace and convoluted beauty match up with that of this diamond engagement ring with six side diamonds

Model wearing Ecksand Custom Solitaire Diamond Ring


We chose this unique engagement ring with Secret Heart and a twisted diamond band to represent Eloise’s fluid intelligence, uniqueness, and timeless beauty. Throughout the show, it’s evident that she’s much different from her female peers and often has different interests and goals. That’s why we think this Secret Heart ring suits her best because although timeless, it’s still one-of-a-kind and is sure to stand out from the crowd.

 Model wearing Ecksand Secret Heart Engagement Ring with Twisted Band


There’s nothing like a dazzling yellow sapphire to represent Penelope’s sweet, thoughtful nature. Boasting gorgeous yellow dresses throughout the season, Pen’s sunny personality shines through in this stunning gemstone engagement ring, handcrafted with an ethically-sourced yellow sapphire and a brilliant diamond halo and band.

Model wearing Ecksand Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring With Diamond Halo


Lady Danbury

Lady Danbury’s discerning, wise, and royal nature is embodied in this vintage champagne diamond engagement ring. Accompanied by six side diamonds, this regal jewel is an intricate, unique engagement ring with a vibrant hue that perfectly illustrates Lady Danbury's fiery personality and elegant fashion choices.

Model wearing Ecksand Vintage Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring with Six Side Diamonds

Queen Charlotte

We saved the best for last. How else could we represent Her Majesty’s grand royal presence, magnificent hairstyles, and extravagant balls than with this stunning pear and Asscher-cut Toi et Moi diamond ring? Because let’s get real, why have only one season's diamond when you can have two!

Model wearing Ecksand Two Stone Engagement Ring



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