Mother’s Day is an extra special holiday here at Ecksand. We’re inspired every single day by one of the most powerful Super Mamas out there - our creative director, Erica Bianchini! So to all the mothers out there, everywhere, our team wishes you a very special Mother's Day!


I believed that my natural state before being a mom was unselfishness. But children teach us the true meaning of open-handedness. I have a constant desire to work past my insecurities and fears so that my children can understand the power we all harness within. The moment we have someone or something that becomes a precious jewel that we cherish incessantly which brings out our brightest courageousness; we’re mothering.

I’m teaching my children not only with my words but by what excites, inspires, and impairs me. I think about that every time I'm about to make a move knowing that they're absorbing my actions and reactions. They're my best little pacers, and I reciprocate with love and intention.


My mom is the most creative person I know. She instilled the values of craftsmanship and creativity in me growing up, and those values are forever ingrained in how I go about my day-to-day. I think my mom would love this Round-Cut Diamond Pendant Necklace from our Starlight Collection because of how versatile it is; it would pair perfectly with any of her creative outfits!


Being a Mom represents helping build up and support my daughter through any decision she makes so she can become the adult that she wants to be! I custom-made this Twisted Diamond Ring with a gorgeous aquamarine to represent my daughter through her birthstone. When I see it throughout the day, it makes me think of her.



My mom inspires me every day. For her, family always comes first, and her commitment to heritage and family is at the centre of everything she does. To me, that kind of love is what inspires me in everything I do. My mom has always loved her birthstone, the Emerald, so I know she’d love this Cluster Emerald Pendant Necklace from our Blossom Collection.


Mother’s Day Gift Guide

From timeless pearl pieces to our signature diamond necklaces, Ecksand’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide features ethical fine jewelry with values she can’t resist


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