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A collage of two pictures side by side. The first picture is Erica Bianchini sitting on the stairs in Volvo x Casca white and black sneakers. The second picture is a sunset overlooking Montreal's skyline.

Green Self-Care: Nurturing Yourself and the Planet

The misconception that sustainable choices are often void of luxury couldn't be further from the truth. Enter Volvo Cars, a shining example of luxury meeting sustainability head-on in the world of automobiles.
Ugarit Almosa
Back-facing photo of Ecksand Creative Director Erica Bianchini exiting a Volvo XC40 Rehcarge.

Directions to Green in Style: The Volvo Experience

Driven in Sustainability. Literally.
Antony Flanagan
Photo of the Volvo XC40 Rehcarge driving along the coast.

4 Ways to Make Your Commute More Eco-Friendly

How to green your commute beyond World Car Free Day

Antony Flanagan
A drawn image of a vehicle with plants around it.

The Benefits of Carpooling

At Ecksand, we love to do our part to make the world more eco-friendly, so we have highlighted five of the top reasons you should consider carpooling. Learn more about how you can make your day-to-day more eco-friendly here.
Antony Flanagan
Front-facing photo of a solitaire engagement ring and a duel ring.

Recycled Gold Jewelry: Why You Should Buy Sustainable Gold

We’re all trying to do our part to live more eco-conscious, sustainable lives. But what about when it comes to fashion? Can we still keep up with the latest trends while being eco-conscious? Learn more about how to make your elegance greener with recycled gold.
Antony Flanagan